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Softball/Runner safe at 2B, but out for taking her foot off the base. How is that scored?


QUESTION: How would I score this... I have a runner on first and the batter bunts (attempts to sacrifice) and the catcher picks it up and immediately throws it to the second baseman where the runner is safe (standing), but her momentum put her over the base and it allowed her to take her foot off the base and the second baseman had her glove still on the runner and was called out by the tag. How would I rule the play? I initially the charged the batter as reaching first on a fielder choice and the runner is out 2-4. Would this be correct?

ANSWER: Brian,

Score a hit for the batter.  4 get the put out, no assist.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 1. Wouldn't it be a hit if the batter beats the throw to first in the scorer's judgement (if the catcher cleanly picks it up and throws perfectly to first)?  The batter would have been out clearly, but the catcher chose to throw to second immediately.  

2. Can I credit the batter a sacrifice and a fielders choice as well (no AB)?  Is there such a thing?  

3. Is a batter who attempts a sacrifice (bunt) be charged with a sacrifice only when the batter is out or is credited a sacrifice if she reaches on an error (would have been out if the error didn't occur)?


Thanks for the follow up.  After re-reading your original question, I think I blew the call!  In the situation where the defense goes for the lead runner and in the judgement of the scorer, the batter would have been put out, you have a Fielder's Choice regardless of what happens to the lead runner.

If the batter would have likely beat the play at first, then you can score it a hit.

2. No, the batter gets a FC

3. In this situation, the batter's stats don't get hurt by the error.  An attempted sacrifice bunt to advance the runner that results in the batter safe at first due to an error is still a sacrifice.

Sorry for the delay in answering, I must have missed the email from all-experts alerting me to your follow up question.



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