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Runner on first batter bunts home plate calls dead ball "ball hit batter out of box, batter is out". Coach appeals to base umpire who over rules says it did not hit batter. Batter is awarded first runner moves to second. Is this the right call?


This sounds like a mess.  

I am assuming the batter bunted the ball and it came to rest on home plate, then the batter made contact with the ball according to the plate umpire as the batter left the box to run to first.

This is a dead ball call that is not correctable unless you are playing a rec. type game then the solution made could be acceptable.

When the coach went to the base umpire to ask about the call, the base umpire should have directed the coach to the plate umpire with his/her question.  Then it is up to the plate umpire to make a decision to get the base umpires input.  The plate umpire does not have to ask.  If the plate umpire decides to seek the OPINION of the base umpire, it is up to the plate umpire to uphold or change the call.  One umpire does not have any authority to reverse another umpires call.



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