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Softball/two man umpire mechanics


Two Man Mechanics

Bases loaded – no outs

Base ump is near second base – in correct position
All outfielders are playing deep - fly ball to mid outfield to left center…..base ump moves slightly towards the center field location and turns to the outfield to see the play………left center fielder runs in quickly and has to dive while making contact with the ball…
Home plate umpire says he moved to see the play but as the outfielder is making contact with the ball the shortstop moves to block the view….home plate ump cannot see a catch or no catch….

This was a bit confusing – as both umps do not make a call……who has this call by two man ump?

If the ball was an easy fly ball to the fielder then no issues
Base umpire says he saw the play but waited on plate umpire to make the call.

Hope this is a clear description


The description is very clear.  First the base umpire was out of position for high school softball.  He/She should have been between the shortstop and third base about at the grass shading a little closer to third than where the shortstop plays.

The home plate umpire has all catch calls on fly balls.



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