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Runner on 3rd base. Batter lays down a bunt in fair territory. Batter is left handed. As she comes running out of batters box, umpire thinks the ball hits her while both the ball and batter are in fair territory and immediately calls her out. Catcher picks up the ball and is ready to throw to first,but stops due to out call. If she makes throw to first then runner on third would score. Coach for offensive team appeals the play. Both umpires get together and field umpire overturns the call saying ball didn't hit the batter. They give the batter 1st base saying the catcher should have finished the play. Batter already called out. Why would catcher make a throw to first and allow runner to score from third. My question is this. Did umpires make the correct call by awarding the batter first base after she was originally called out or should she have returned to batters box and the pitch been called a strike?


There is no good answer to your question.  Nothing in the rules of any association covers this.  Sounds like the umpires did the best they could with the mess they created.  

Like I said there is no good answer, one of the coaches will be ticked.  What probably should have happened is the home plate umpire keeping the call with the batter out realizing there is no good way to fix it.  Sometimes an umpire has to eat a bad call.  Doesn't make anybody happy, but the game goes on.



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