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This almost happened to me. I was umpiring the bases when B1 hit a fly to F7 with one out. R1 on first, thinking the ball was going to drop for a hit, runs and rounds second on his way to third. F7 caught the ball and threw towards first base. R1 was between second and third at the time of the throw. R1 runs back toward first via second and the ball bounces past the first baseman and almost goes into the dugout. The call was easy, R1 got safely back to first. But what would be the call if the ball had gone into the dugout? What looks good would be to put him on second but the book says to award from the time of the throw and the retouch has no effect of the award. This would mean he would get home. What is the right call.

Hi Arlen,

In ASA play if R1 was between 2nd and 3rd at the time of the throw the award would be home if the throw went out of play.  That's the rule plus see RS 38

Now the mechanics are to call a dead ball when the throw goes out of play, give R1 time to retouch the bases and when they do then give the award of home.  If after an appropriate amount of time passes and they're not doing much award R1 home and then wait for any appeal by the defense on not tagging up.  R1 cannot return to touch 1st once they touch or advance a base beyond the base missed (1st in this case) or leave live ball territory.  this is also an appeal play by the defense.



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