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Men's over 40 slow pitch ASA rules.  Runner on first with fly ball to right center.  Ball is caught and fielder attempts throw to first to beat runner retreating back towards first bag.  Before runner reaches first base the ball goes past firstbaseman and out of play. umpire declares dead ball and awards the runner second base (runner did retouch first after ball out of play).  is this the correct base award in ASA play?  Prior to next pitch the batting team protests the runner only being allowed second.  does the protest have merit and what is the remedy?

Hi Rich,

In ASA and all other orgs. (exc 1) direction of the runner has no basis on the award.  It is 2 bases from the last base touched at the time of the throw.  

In this case the award is 3rd (after they legally retouch 1st) The umpire was incorrect and if "P"ed correctly as it seems from your OP, if the "P" team wins the "P" is cancelled.  If not the runner is awarded 3rd and the game restarts at that exact spot.



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