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This is an actual situation that occurred first baseman pulled his foot off the bag but the runner was  called out by the base umpire.the offense complained to both umpires but nothing was changed. As the coach the Homeplate umpire after the game told me that he clearly saw his foot come off the bag but that he could not interfere because the rulebook says that we have to appeal to him first. I told him I did not think that was in the rules and I think appeals are for runners leaving early and not touching bags etc. he told me he could show it to me. My question is there a rule like he is stating. Thanks

Hi Mike,

Actually there is...ASA 10-3-b  Under no circumstances shall an umpire seek to reverse a decision made by an associate.....

so the BU has the call, the BU can go to the PU for "help" if they want to, they are not required to do so, and even then after discussion with their partner the call is still theirs, they don't have to change it. if the umpire is sure of their call they usually won't talk it over with their partner.

A team should never talk to the umpire that doesn't have the call, there is nothing they can do.

It is accepted in the umpire system that if an umpire thought they might have been blocked out, didn't see a pulled foot or a bobbled ball they can go to their partner if they want to.  Sometimes the partner has other responsibilities and are in no position for help.  Ie R1 on 2nd and a ground batted ball to F3, The PU must take any play at 3rd and in this situation would be in no position to help.  However with no one on and the same ground ball the PU should be trailing the b-r and would have an excellent view of a pulled foot.

The umpire that talked to you should only have said there was nothing they could do and leave it at that.  They should not have discussed the play with you.  it is not a true appeal play it was just his way of saying you have to ask the BU if they would go for help.

When I was a UIC I would have spoke to both of them to discuss the situation.



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