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Softball/Pinch Hitter and Pinch Runner


Lone Ranger 1 wrote at 2014-02-05 20:11:02
Gents...I am not sure if you are using the High School Rule Book but Pinch Runner and Pinch Hitter are Terms and Rules in the Federation for Softball Rule Books. :)

Page 24 Rule 2-42 specifically addresses this fact and how it is to be used.

to answer the second confused question the reason you could use  #2 for # 1 and then # 3 for # 2 is only restricted by the fact that # 2 and # 3 can not have been in the lineup anywhere else at any time during game to that point. otherwise they would have to go back only in the spot they substituted for before.

Hope this helps you both.  

Coach D wrote at 2016-03-26 20:36:12
It should be noted that the whole DP/Flex discussion was appears to have been plagiarized word-for-word from a brilliant post by Tom Bell, a Minnesota fastpitch umpire (  


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