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Last year I invented a really awesome type of Real Estate Software Platform that Outsourced the Development to Developers in India.

It is almost ready to start to sell and is awesome. I currently have it hosted on a Deluxe Hosting with my Domain Name on and will give user ID's to the clients who pay per year or month, so is not a desktop or download application.

As this is my first Real Software I am bringing to market, what type of Coding Protection can I put in it so it cannot be stolen? What type of Documents or Licensing do I need to do where I OWN THE CODE, and have the PROOF I OWN IT, INVENTED IT, AND IT IS 100% MINE?

And and other Basic Legal Protections proving my ownership should I be aware of or do you recommend.

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please contact someone experienced with the legal aspects. Sorry can't help you much with regards to the legal aspect.

Regarding coding protection it totally depends on which technology/language you have used to develop the Project. There are many ways based on the technology used to both protect and hack the code.


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I can answer questions related to software development involving microsoft technologies like vb, C#, ASP.Net. I can answer questions related to MS SQL Server. I an help in giving tips for best methods for programming.


I have around 11+ years of experience in the field of software development. I have been involved in development of windows based applications and web portals for European Clients.

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I have completed my Masters Degree in Computer Applications in the year 1999.

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