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I want to develop an application of task manager(calendar) in
Adding event on particular date is possible. We can add to database. But I want some options like event should be one-time, weekly, monthly or yearly. And it is not possible to save n number of days in database because it does not have any end date. like if I add birthday on January 1 and option is yearly. It should show every year.
I also tried to integrate google calendar but its not working. All code I tried is for v2 and its not working for current version v3.

So, help me if possible for .net calendar or google calendar or any other calendar control u know.

Hi Karan,
You will write your own logic to save different kinds of events in the Database.
To display the Calendar you can check out jquery fullcalendar. This is open source and most of the features you would need to display a calendar.


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