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I am developing an application ( using mainly html, css and javascript ), with 2 other programmers.

I'd like to know what are the best practices for group software development. Any materials online would be appreciated ( so that I can print it out and distribute it to the other team members).


Hi Jake,
I am sorry but I dont have any reference to online materials.
Based on my experience and working with teams (sometimes working remotely also) I feel that the following points should be kept in mind:

- Use a software like Visual Source Safe where all the code resides. Team members can check out the code files, work and then check in the code again. This will solve the most important issue of code written by one person being overwritten by another

- Use an open source tool like bugzilla where you can assign the different tasks within the team and also monitor the status of each tasks

- Document all the new things you learn during development which could be of help to your team members.

- Last but not the least communicate as much as possible with your team to avoid any assumptions/misunderstandings.


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