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Not sure based on your expertise description if you are able to answer this but thought I'd give it a shot. The company I work for has a web app. Our app can be used by people using Internet Explorer Version 10 and higher. We frequently have users try to utilize the app while using IE9; however, our developers say that we are not going to update the app to function with IE9. When features break, they won't repair them if IE10+ continue to function fine. We do not PREVENT them from using the app with IE9: we only issue them a warning saying their browser is out of date and they can then dismiss it. The excuse for this the developers give is that Microsoft is no longer supporting IE9 with security patches. So, if we allow our app to be used by those with a IE9 browser, we are leaving our system open to security breaches.

Can you tell me if this is accurate? Does updating our app so it functions 100% for users who come to it using IE9, open US to security issues? I would think it would only affect the user because they are surfing the net using a browser no longer supported by Microsoft. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Luke,
With web based applications its always tough to decide what browsers we should support. We develop web based applications using our CMS by the dozens and only support IE9 to IE 11  browsers as of now. Why developers don't like IE9 is that it does not support html5 features fully and if your web based applications are using html5 you need to find and write specific hacks so they are supported in IE 9. IE 10+ are better in terms of support for html5 features.

Since we have many Customers who still use IE9 we had to support IE9 even though I was in favor of the developers. Our decision was not taken considering security breaches since you can never control what a User will install in his Computer. Security breaches would be possible with the latest versions of IE also.

Hope my inputs will be helpful to you.


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