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Soil Issues/uses for lime (hydrated chlorid)


How can we use lime to control pests in or garden and weeds that are out of control? We do not want to hard or existing plants and flowers. We live in Central Florida, Fort Pierce, on the East Coast.
Thank you

PS: We have a dog and several cats, is lime harmful to animals?

Hi Kathryn,
Agricultural lime is not harmful to cats and dogs, nor it it harmful to insects and weeds. Lime is an important tool in successful gardening to amend the soil, but is not going to help you control pests. Hydrated lime is labeled for use around kennels and stables for odor contol, but not as an insecticide.  There are a number of organic insecticides available for insect control and a couple of organic herbicides available.  Check with your local independent garden center for products that are labeled for use in your area.
A word of caution..."organic" doesn't mean a product is safe for you or the environment.  Many organics are extremely toxic to fish, bees, crustaceans or other organisms in our ecosystem.  Many times there may be a safer, synthetic alternative.  Read and follow all label instructions and never use a product inconsistent with it's labeling.

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