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Rhonda GREEN wrote at 2015-01-02 20:24:04
Louisiana is full of things to do all through the states, there is a zydeco dancing on a Saturday morning is Breaux Bridge Louisiana, Old French music at Fred's lounge ,  The big Paragon Casino in Marksville Louisiana along with golf Indian reservations indoor alligator pond. Lots of good French food all along highway 90. Zydeco bands which of the best swamp pop music and all of the world arrive here in Louisiana,  our state penitentiary and Angola has bull riding and amazing handmade crafts for sale like you've never seen before. We can Bose the friendliest state with all of our major cities ranking the happiest in the United States according to the recent poll is published on NBC Brian Williams. We have festivals every week throughout the Spring summer and fall and there's even a huge Christmas festival in Nacogdoches Louisiana which is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Come to Louisiana we have so much to do we probably can even find you a job somewhere if you like it enough.  

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I have lived and worked here over 25 years. I'm active in the cultural and music scenes. I know the city well including the French Quarter, restaurants, music venues etc.

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