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Is there such thing as a parallel universe and if so, is everything identical in it?

Hi Jemmie,
Until a year ago, I used to think that all this parallel and alternate (and multi-Universes) Universes, was all a bunch of gobbledy-gook and hogwash.
But lately, after reading about M-theory and membranes and string theory and quantum mechanics (the laws that apply to the very small sub-atomic particles)... I feel now that there is a strong possibility that alternate (not identical-parallel) Universes could in fact, exist.  But I would not expect any alternate Universe (or multi-Universes) to be identical to ours.
The new idea is that if alternate Universes exist, they are all far different then ours, not conducive to life... because the value of gravity is different, charge on the proton and electron is different, etc. so in almost all cases, matter could not form and life as we know it would be impossible because matter could not form up into planets and stars.
So while I'll partially accept the idea of alternate Universes, perhaps many of them, I can't see how it would be possible or logical for an "identical - parallel"  Universe to form and exist.  Because there are just too many variables that would have to be fulfulled to produce an identical parallel Universe. (Same Planck constant, exact same charge and mass of the electron, same value of Pi, same age, same everything, etc etc.)
Of course, all this multi-verse stuff is still philosophical (non-science) at this point
(just like string theory) because currently there are no observations, no test, no data collection possible,... therefore no ability to prove it or even test it. For a scientific hypothesis or theory, it has to be testable, repeatable, and have some kind of data collection and observations. With the stuff discussed above, we have none at present. So it's all a philosophy theory, and not a scientific theory.
Clear Skies,

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