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Hello,my name is gabriella i am in the 6th grade . I have a project i am needing to make a project about the solar system . Is there any tips you could give me that could help me ?

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Hello Gabriella,
Exiting topic. I am not sure what format your project is in but a model showing different sizes of the planets and sun and there distance apart would be interesting.
1) You can use (painted) various fruit, vegetables and balls. Also attach some data which you can get from Nasa.
2) alternatevely, another idea would be to list and compare all the spacecraft that have visited our planets.
3) alternatively concentrate on the outer planets, Pluto, Van-Hallen-Belt and extreme Oort-Cloud, discuss spacecraft leaving our solar system.

I have attached some photos and links which might help you get going.

Links for size and distance comparison:

Links for spacecraft visiting our planets and Sun or leaving our solar system:

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