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FriendA wrote at 2007-07-27 16:27:50
Quote:  "... when full it is visible almost all day and night".

Correction: a full moon and sun are opposite to each other when viewed from earth. A full moon therefore is not visible very long during the day, only near sunrise and sunset!

[I think it is the expert that should be "much more observant" as he suggests!]


A friend  

Doug wrote at 2013-08-22 04:45:56
Wrong! I Just observed the full moon of 8/20/13 all day so yes, be more observant, read moonrise and set times for a full moon, and never put your mouth in motion before putting your brain in gear and don't argue with cosmologists.

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I am an amature astronomer and have been studying cosmology at Chicago`s Adler Planetarium ever since comet Hale Bopp appeared in 1997 but have always had an interest in the cosmos. I have a Celestron 4.5" f8 aperature 910 mm focal length Newtonian reflector telescope with an equatorial mount. Anyone in the Chicago area can have a look. I will need to know your age so I will know how detailed the answer should be.


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