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This is set out in an interview form:
1) Was the moon landing a turning point in world history?
2) If so how and what did it mostly affect?
3) How did it change peoples every day life's?
4) Was this a good or bad turning point?
5) How has it changed space exploration?
6) How has the moon landing changed science?

Hi, Basile, thanks for writing.  The answers to these questions are, naturally, opinion, to a great extent. 1. My opinion, yes. 2. Initially, and to a great extent the main purpose of the landing, beating the USSR to the Moon.  It was, of course, a boost to our defense during the cold war.  It was a psychological boost to the US who lost in getting the first spacecraft into orbit and the first man in space.  It created a great interest in space and astronomy, especially with the young people (including myself, at age 11 when Apollo 11 landed).  It created a boost in the creation of computer technology (BTW, the total memory of the lunar lander was the top of the line for mankind at the time, 78 KILO bytes!!). Other scientific and practical benefits resulted (see 3. see question 2. 4. I'd say good. 5. Almost all space exploration technology depends on and builds on previous flights. 6. See for a lot of spinoffs of the space program, including the moon flights.  Hope this helps some-write anytime.

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