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Space Exploration/The moon landing as a turning point in world history


This is set out in an interview form:
1) Was the moon landing a turning point in world history?
2) If so how and what did it mostly affect?
3) How did it change peoples every day life's?
4) Was this a good or bad turning point?
5) How has it changed space exploration?
6) How has the moon landing changed science?

Hi Basile,
Which one?  There were 6 of them.. it wasn't a singular event.  Apollo's 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17.
1.  Well, it's kind of a matter of opinion, but personally having been alive during all those missions (and in the Air Force at the time)... 2.  Yes, I think it affected both world history and how us humans look at our place in space. We are no longer confined to just one world or planet, and since we eventually have to get off this small 8000 mile diameter rock (sun goes red giant phase in a few billion years)... it's good that we're starting the process now.  Interstellar space travel isn't something you accomplish on a long weekend... it takes centuries to achieve.
8.  Plus, we're always subject to an asteroid hit... you know, eggs, baskets, that sort of thing.

3.  For everyday life, google "spin-offs from the space program"....especially the NASA site.
4.  Good... see number 8 (and 2) above.
5.  Well, once we get a President that's interested once in again in space exploration (Hussein Obama Isn't)... then we can skip the moon and begin to explore near-Earth asteroids and Mars.
6. The biggest change was determining finally the formation mechanism of the moon; A giant Mars sized impact about 3.8 - 4 billion years ago, because we now know that the moon is made up of crustal and mantle material of the early Earth... And only a large collision could produce those products.
As far as other scientific changes, see number 3 above.
Clear skies,
Tom Whiting
Erie, PA  

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