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Why we should be spending money exploring and researching space when there are so many problems here on Earth that we need to solve first and do your opinions differ for human or robot exploration?

Hi Annabelle,
You've already got your wish... President Hussein Obama has already gutted the US manned
(or womened) space program. He cancelled the Constellation program, our return to the moon, and all other manned space programs.  As far as your argument against it, when would there EVER be no Earthly problems to solve?  NEVER!  If you remember, our six moon landings occurred at the height of the Vietnam war in S. E. Asia!! (I was there). And all the riots occurring in this country against that conflict!!
The past manned space program from the 1960's to the recent present, gave us the computer, cell phones and smart phones and a whole host of new technologies that kept the US (and world) economies going for the past 50 years.  For a list of these, see

So if you don't like space exploration, please turn in your digital watch, your cell phone, your microwave oven, your computer (in fact anything that has a computer technology connected to it) and cancel your subscription to all those cable and satellite TV's... oh, and don't watch the weather channel because all those weather satellites were a result of the USA manned space program.  You willing to give up all that... stuff?  Probably not. You like the favors and benefits from the space program, but you don't want to have to pay for it!... kind of hypocritical on your part, Eh?
But now you can look to China and Russia now to continue the advanced technology programs, as the USA is now .... dead in space...  at least until 2017. Thank you Mr. Obama.
Clear Skies,
(at least our government has yet to control that, our clear skies)
Tom Whiting
Erie, PA USA  

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I can answer most questions about space flight and planetary exploration from an astronomy standpoint, but not from a computer or electronics standpoint. No astrology questions please, or questions about alleged UFO identifications.


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Astronomy Technology Today and also wrote the "Over Erie Skies" column in our local newspaper for 11 years.

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