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Space Exploration/What is the value of space exploration?


Why we should be spending money exploring and researching space when there are so many problems here on Earth that we need to solve first and do your opinions differ for human or robot exploration?

NASA exploration
NASA exploration  
Hello Annabelle

A similar question with the same answer would be: Why explore the oceans in the 15th century? Why discover America? Why discover Australia or Antarctica?

Our world is very small. We profit by travelling in space because:
- we develop new transport
- we invent things (spin-offs)
- we learn more about our solar-system, our galaxy and universe
- we can mine minerals on the moon, mars and asteroids
- we can secure the future of humans in case the earth is destroyed
- we employ thousands of people in the space industry who pay taxes
- is is adventurous and exiting
- all people of the earth benefit from space programs!

There are no negative results for space travel:
- earth is more dangerous than space
- all the money is paid to companies and people on earth
- no money (cash) is lost
- all governments together spend less than 1% of budget on space!


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I can answer most questions about the past, present and future space missions. As a hobby since the 1969 Moon Landing, I have been watching and studying space travel and have many resources and theories concerning the future. I have visited NASA many times and have communication with ESA. I have developed a new theory as to what gravity is, mainly that tachyons (bosons) are radiating beyond the speed of light from black-holes and it is those waves when hitting material, causing the material to be heavy or "appear" to attract each other. This is why the universe is expanding.


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