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I was surprised to learn than Great Britain has never put any money into manned spaceflight or had an astronaut program.  Do you know the reasons why they have had this policy?  It is strange for such a wealthy and high-tech country.

Hello James,
.... "never directly" ... yes I agree, it is a shame. The whole EU should spend more on space and less on the military!

There is some investment in the ISS. Britain has also chosen to invest in ESA and the Arianne Rocket for launching satellites that can assist to build new space-stations as platforms for inter planetary travel, a long-term strategy. One valid argument the British have is that robots can do better work in space cheaper.

ESA has a share in the ISS:
... and the UK has a 10% share in ESA:

I see Britain has only three engaged astronauts; Michael Foale, Helen Sharman and Mark Shuttleworth (South African). Germany has much more and France a lot!

I expect that the Chinese and India will expand their manned missions and be the first to Moon and Mars.


The future?

Oh! Here is some data too:

If I get a ticket for a parabolic flight into space I will take a Union Jack with me. I was educated at Wits-University, built on the british-style academy >>>  

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