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I would like to know if you believe that NASA should have its funding cut again allow space to become commercialized by newly found companies in space travel and tourism?

NASA vs military budget USA
NASA vs military budge  

World military budget
World military budget  
No, NASA, ESA and whatever government sponsored projects will not be financed by private or corporate investors because the profit (return) is delayed for decades during planning and preparation.  Rockets are already well developed and are launched by governments far cheaper than a private launch. The private sector will invest in projects were their is an immediate income like space rides or lunar hotels. The USA should rather cut the monstrous military bill, more than 50% of the total budget I understand!

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I can answer most questions about the past, present and future space missions. As a hobby since the 1969 Moon Landing, I have been watching and studying space travel and have many resources and theories concerning the future. I have visited NASA many times and have communication with ESA. I have developed a new theory as to what gravity is, mainly that tachyons (bosons) are radiating beyond the speed of light from black-holes and it is those waves when hitting material, causing the material to be heavy or "appear" to attract each other. This is why the universe is expanding.


Hobby but I would give 5 years of my salary to travel in space for just a few days!

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