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The video for the UK dance collective MARRS has recently been released with additional footage from missions conducted since the orginal was released in 1987. However as a result some of the older missions have been replaced which is a shame as I think I recognise a large number of them and was hoping to blog about them. There are a couple that I don't recognise and was hoping that you might be able to tell me what missions they are, who ran them and what happened to them. The video can be viewed here and the missions I do not recognise are:

The exploding space rocket (Apollo 13) at 2' 42"
The sproinging space probe at 3' 07"
The space probe that is jettisoned, lands and then explodes (Venera) at 3' 42

But if you could identify all the space missions that would be marvellous

Hi-sorry to be so late in answering.  At 2'42' is a simulation, and not an actual flight.  The brief shot at 3'07' is from a science fiction movie.  At 3'42" is a simulation.  Due to the number of shots, I just answered those 3, but if you have additional questions, write me.  A lot of the shots are simulations of actual flights, a few are science fiction, and a few are actual shots of flights.  Write anytime!

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