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Why does no. of satellites increases as we go away from sun?
Like mercury and venus have no natural satellite, earth has 1 satellite, mars has 2 and jupiter has 6, and so on....

Moons of Jupiter
Moons of Jupiter  
Small bodies like moons are easily caught by the Sun's gravity when hit by foreign bodies or when their orbit is slightly altered by passing meteors or pull from other planets. Even small planets close to a star like Mercury is to the Sun may eventually fall into the huge ball of fire. This way stars collect material, get bigger and eventually implode to a black hole or explode into a supernova.

Larger planets are in a more stable orbit and specially the larger ones have more control into stabilizing the orbits of their moons and to capture new moons as the bodies may pass too close. The moons further from the sun are more influenced by the planet they orbit than the Sun.

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