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iv come to this conclusion that ghost that most people that have claim to see them are actually Aliens,because if you think of it,it actually might be,since ghost have alot of scary,wierd looks..just like ufo they can go fast and sometime invinsible,many people claim to see ghost in very different look,maybe there are many types and race's of alien that has come visit us and they all use this device to be unseen..what you think?(i know you might thing im insane)

Hi Question,
I think this too.
Ghosts, I call "spirits" are the beings of another dimension and are not restricted to this world.

I believe that the Earth is a "spirit" farm for producing offspring for the heavens, created by a superior being most of us call God. The human I believe goes through phases of form just like some insects go.  Insects of the order Lepidoptera go through phases of being sperm, an egg, a worm, then a butterfly. More complex humans go through the process of being sperm, foetus, body then an angel or ghost.

We are made of material but ghosts are made of plasma. Ghosts therefore can travel beyond the speed of light and do not know time as we do.

Ghosts cannot harm us because they cannot tough our physical body and we cannot tough them. We should NOT be scared of them. They can communicate with us an influence material things that are under weak physical balance like cause something that is balancing to fall over or a heavy picture frame on the wall to break its string and fall down - that makes them scary.

I believe in angels and ghosts because I have my own private experiences. They are not just stories because every insulated and remote tribe on Earth has seen them.

I think UFOs are made of plasma too, that is why there is no physical evidence of them. We are like a natural park for aliens and they come only to observe us for there entertainment. We are very backward an unintelligent to them.


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