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I recently read a Guardian article which vaguely mentioned a simulated Mars mission on Earth which eventually led to a fight and blood on the walls, among many other things. I am curious if you know about this or any other incidents in a similiar situation where people got into trouble and could not handle the psychological pressure, despite not actually travelling to Mars per se. Any details welcome.

Canadian Mars Project
Canadian Mars Project  
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I have not heard of violent results in the Mars insolation projects. The report you heard might be from the "Big Brother" series? There are many projects being conducted and I hope all irregular events are reported properly because it is very important to find out how conflicts can be avoided or solved on such long missions. While the volunteers are selected from a few thousand unknown humans, I am very sure that the space agencies will choose the best of their best candidates and put them through thorough testing before the mission. I think the conflict between people is not as much a problem as dealing with breathing in space, reduduced space, non-gravity, strange food and the sence of lonelyness in space or near death experiences. Trained astronauts go through these limits during training.

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I have heard reports that the best Mars mission would be a one-way mission. In another report, an inventor reports to me that his planned space-craft can reduce the time to travel to Mars from 90 days to only 20 days!


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