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How the scientists can presume that we can view the beginning of the universe? I have heard from my childhood that when we zoom with the telescopes on the farther stars and galaxies, we can view the oldest lights of the farther stars and objects, so, till now we have seen near to 3 billion years of our existence and they remain just about 1 or 1.5 billion years to the beginning or the big bang!
So, how we can pretend that? For example under a car in a straight path after starting, we cannot see the start with simply zooming on the start point! and in space when all things is moving it is impossible to see the beginning especially when the distance is huge, and even the light cannot reach the end of space until no-less than 4 billion years while this end itself it became very far from the instant when the  LIGHT of the last image had arrived toward us.

Universe Timeline
Universe Timeline  
We can see frequencies other than that of light more than the distance in light years than the universe exists in time because we are not in the center where the big-bang occurred. We can see something like the radius of the universe plus our distance from the center. The age of the universe is estimated, space-time is warped (which I do personally not believe, and objects are moving. A lot of dark matter disturbs our view, so we cannot see very much of the universe.

You can see the start of a car long after it happened because there is  smoking rubber (afterglow") on the asphalt, the leaves and dust where the car was are in a disturbed mode, the sound wave (or a reflection) can be heard some distance away when the car is long no more in its start position. We may also have a recording or picture of the start to see long after the start took place.

My own theory is that the speed of light is constant only for our local galaxy group and not universally constant. For me space time is not warped, the people who suggest that are warped. Time is constant and space has a fixed 3D grid. Gravity, gravitational pull and the radiation of tachyons that cause gravity are variable in different parts of the universe!

In astronomy we do not use only light as observable frequency but hundreds of others and other effects. Astronomers combinee these images of these various frequencies like of infra-red, sound, ultraviolet, to get a better overall view.

More reading: " ... according to calculations, the comoving distance (current proper distance) to particles from the CMBR, which represent the radius of the visible universe, is about 14.0 billion parsecs (about 45.7 billion light years), while the comoving distance to the edge of the observable universe is about 14.3 billion parsecs (about 46.6 billion light years),[1] about 2% larger ..." >>>

More images: see how our galaxy blocks our view of the universe >>>  

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