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When and how will human species travel The Dark Energy Highway?

Dark Energy
Dark Energy  
Hi Peter,
I am sorry to disappoint you but humans will never travel through or with dark energy. We are of solid state matter and dark energy is of a state that we cannot see or touch, neither use but only know it exists because our calculations when measuring forces and matter in the universe do not add up. It is like a bird will not live underwater and a fish not in the skies but they both know the environment exists. Fish can fly and birds can swim so when we have learned more about dark energy in decades or perhaps centuries to come, we will travel through other mediums in space too.

I have my special definition of dark energy. I state that it is the energy lost by black-holes when they convert matter into tachyons which travel beyound the speed of photons (light) and are undetectible as "dark energy". That energy is converted I believe into gravity when the tachyon radiation hits solid matter.

I do not believe we will be able to travel anywhere near the speed of light and we cannot exist beyound the speed of light because our mass would approach zero and the structure of our bodies destroyed. The same goes with travelling through or with dark energy. I do believe though that we have a spirit part of us not made of material and that spirits, ghosts and angels can travel otherwise to us!

PS: I apologize for the delayed reply, was "in another world" recently!

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