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Hello: I read recently that trips to Mars would not be feasible with current technology because the astronauts would be exposed to lethal doses of radiation.I was wondering if one could hollow out an asteroid,and strap propulsion units on it.The astronauts would be fully protected from radiation,and time to Mars would no longer be an issue.Two asteroids could conceivably be connected with a cable,and spun around their common axis,generating  1 G of artificial gravity.I have not read anything about NASA considering this option.What is your take on this? Thanks

Hi, thanks for writing.  Very interesting!!  I guess getting the asteroid and hollowing out the hole would be the most difficult part of that!  The main issue is the radiation on the surface during a lengthly stay, although we do have protective insulation for both the trip and the living units, I believe.  Might want to introduce that asteroid idea to NASA, though.  Write anytime.

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