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Dear Mr,

I'm asking your kind to show me your opinion about the similarity in shape for many moons of the solar system planets such as:

1-( Atlas,telesto#-saturn

2- #Adrastea,Elara,Thebe#- jupiter

3- #ophelia,bianca#- uranus

4- #Naiad,thalassa#- niptune


According to  Celestia software, all these moons have the same shape ,but in a different sizes!..

Waiting kindly to hear from you..    

Moons of the Solar System
Moons of the Solar Sys  
Hi saad

Most moons , planets and stars are almost perfect spheres because they are viscous or even fluid. It is gravity that makes all points on the surface of an object tend to be equidistant from the center. Only when the object spins heavily like the Earth in one day, the equator tends to bulge due to centrifugal force. Smaller moons and the asteroids may be more solid and look more like rocks. Some moons are distorted when hit by other objects, may splitter into pieces or show large craters, example "Mimas".

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