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Hello, my name is Cassie Bienert and I am a junior at Hereford High School in Maryland. I am writing a research paper regarding the controversy of Space Exploration. I have some questions that would be really beneficial to my paper if they were answered.
Thank you for your time.

1. How do you believe the Space Program benefits the public?
2. Do you believe that private enterprises should be funding further space expeditions?
3. Do you believe that we will make any big, new discoveries in the next fifty years?
4. Is it your opinion that unmanned space flight is more favorable than manned space missions?
5. What do you think has been the biggest accomplishment in the history of the Space Program?
6. A common belief of the public is that the funds that NASA receives should be spent on terrestrial programs rather than space. What are your thoughts on that theory?
7. Do you believe that by continuing Space Exploration, we might reach new planets and potentially find one to inhabit in case Earth “dies”?
8. Do you believe that mankind will ever build a permanent settlement on Mars or the Moon?
9. Do you believe that intelligent life exists beyond our planet?
10. Is NASA’s budget fine as it is, or should it be raised or lowered?

Hi, Cassie, thanks for writing.  A brief answer to your 10 questions:
1. As a inspiration to all to achieve greatness, and hundreds of technological and non-technological items are enjoyed by the public due to their development in the space program (see and for examples).
2. Yes-they can oftend do it more economically than the federal agencies.
3. Absolutely.
4. In many cases, yes, due to economical reasons.  In some research, humans are necessary, however.
5. I doubt if I can give a single answer.  Development of technology is one-when man landed on the moon, they had 78 KILObytes of memory on the lander (top of the line technology then).  I have 120,000,000 times that memory on each of my 2 hard drives!!  Many would say the moon landings.  Some would say the incredible recovery from a potential disaster in Apollo 13.  Many would say the spinoffs of space technology that we enjoy on a daily basis.
6. NASA spends about 1% of the federal budget.  More than that is just plain wasted throughout the government.  Corporate greed swallows up much more than that 1%
7. I imagine so, although that may be quite a ways in the future.
8. I'm sure that can be expected.
9. Yes.
10. It should be raised, as the benefits and spinoffs outweigh the costs.

Write anytime!!

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