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I know you might think this is a stupid question but I have to know what you think I could have seen. This morning 10/27/2014 between 8:30 and 9:30 EST on a somewhat cloudy sky I happen to look up from my window at work and this one cloud caught my eye. It was laminated by this brilliant light and it only lasted for about 4 to 5 seconds. My thoughts at the time was that this is a really dense cloud to cover the sun because it look like it was the size of the sun behind this cloud. After the 4 or 5 second it just kind of faded out of sight and I was left wondering where the sun went, there was nothing falling out of it or nothing left behind, I did not see little green men.  Then I look over to about the 10:00 position of where I was looking and there was the sun, so it could not have been the sun. This was a brilliant light, I was thinking no way this was man made. I was thinking maybe a star exploded no way this could be man made to bright. I know you need more information but this had to happen in space or this is what I think. Your thought on this would be appreciated very much.
Science is my passion and I know what I saw. Thank you for your time.

Hi, Sandra, thanks for writing.  Not being in the Sun's position, you are right that it was not the Sun.  I am not aware of any star exploding, and it would not have disappeared that quickly.  Was there any flight accident in your area?  Other than that or a satellite accident or Dept. of Defense accident or test, I would have no idea!!  Write anytime.

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