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Is it possible to or feasible to get this element from space as its supply is gradually running out as it is used. Could they extract it from gas giants or from other rocky worlds. Does there need to be a profit motive for this or can national governments funded these ventures.

After hydrogen, helium is the most abundant gas in the universe. It does not combine with other chemicals at all and is always in a gaseous form in nature. I read that a shortage will occur because of demand, not so much because of production. It is easily removed from natural gas. It can be created as a nuclear fuel waiste product but that is expensive.

A great source of helium is the Sun (solar wind). Since the Moon has no atmosphere and a weak magnetospher, helium from the solar wind strikes the lunar surface constantly. We could therefore best produce helium reserves on the Moon! Perhaps there are deep basins on the Moon that contain the basic gases like a pool. Mars and Venus is a possibility but then bringing it to Earth is far too costly, nevertheless it is will surely be extracted where ever we go and settle in space. I think production in nuclear generators here on Earth is most feasible for a while. Volcanoes emit some helium, perhaps there is a future process for extraction there. The Chinese are very keen to get from the Moon!


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