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Hello, I am an 8th grader at John Glenn Middle School working on a presentation project for my enriched language
arts class on whether human space exploration is really beneficial and safe, and I would benefit very much if you
would be so kind as to answer some questions on the matter.
  1) Do you think the health risks to astronauts and the
risk of deadly malfunctions outweigh the scientific benefits of human space exploration? 2) When might NASA start
to incorporate artificial gravity into their manned missions? 3) How do you think commercial spaceflight will
advance in technology, popularity, and price in the next 50 years? 4) How is the international collaboration in
space exploration changing? 5) Do you think robotic space exploration will become more dominant over manned space-
flight? Why? 6) Will we ever be able to eliminate, or at least greatly diminish the huge risk factors involved
in getting people to space and back safely?
  That is all. Thanks for your time!

Hi, Andrew, thanks for writing. 1) definately.  Nothing ever has been accomplished without some risks and a lot of what we do in space cannot be done without human spaceflight. 2) not sure-to a great extent, it is not necessary for a successful mission, although it does eliminate some health issues in an extended flight. 3) I believe technology will increase dramatically, popularity will increase, and price will dramatically decrease due to private industry participating in space flight.  We are seeing the beginning of that right now. 4) collaboration between countries has increased due to the end of Soviet communism, and I feel it will further increase, although there will probably always be some competition and defense issues between countries-we still spend billions on the space program being used for the defense of our country.  5) robotic space exploration is already more dominant than manned flight due to expenses involved in sending humans into space, but there will always be a need for humans to fly for certain things to be accomplished.  6) we will never totally eliminate the risk of simply crossing the street, much less space travel, but risks will greatly diminish as space travel becomes more routine.  Write anytime!

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