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Hello, I am writing a research paper on how humanity can benefit from space exploration and travel. One topic I am covering is the questions that exploring space can answer. If I could have your opinion on this topic, it would be much appreciated. I will source you on my paper and quote any statement I take from you directly (if that is fine with you). Thank you for your time and I look forward to your answer.

Hi, Chase, thanks for writing.  Space exploration is known to lead to the development of many technologies and inventions (including much of the computer's technology, CT Scan, etc.), the saving of thousands of lives with its orbital view of the weather.  As far as answering questions, space study of the earth's weather and the weather on other planets has answered many questions on fluid mechanics and helped us in forecasting the weather.  It answers long-term patterns in the climate, helping us avoid potential disasters, such as global warming.  It answers questions as to the role of gravity in living things, chemistry, weather, etc. with the ISS experiments in micro-gravity.  Studying geology, weather, etc. on other planets and moons help us understand how our planet developed and became a habitable one.  Although I personally believe more in God than evolution in our planet's creation, development, and creation of life, studying life from space, the possiblity of primitive life on Mars, Europa (a moon of Jupiter), and extrasolar planets helps us understand how life developed, evolved, and how life, including us humans, can survive when our planet is in a different environment when the sun becomes a supergiant, or more imminent disasters, such as global warming, may occur.  Space astronomy has answered many scientific questions, such as Einstein's theory of relativity (showing the bending of light in a gravitational field, the slowing of time in a moving spacecraft), that could not be answered while we are confined to the earth.  This is just a few things we can use space exploration for.  For more on what technology has developed from the space program, look at the website on space spinoffs, at  Write anytime.  

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