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QUESTION: Hi I have looked all over the web to find out an answer to this question but so far no luck. At our currant level of tech what would would we (if we could all stop chucking stones/arrows and bombs at each other) be able to build in space such as space stations, space elevator,space travel could we build large vessels for inter planetary travel.


all these topics you mention are active and actual on the web. Use various search-engines and try "space technology" or "future space missions" or "planned space missions".... by looking at the developments for future missions rather than current or past missions, one can get a vision of what is being developed now.

While NASA's budgets are cut rather than the oversized aggressive military spending, see also space administration websites for other countries like listed at Wikipedia. All these countries have "statuses and plans".

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QUESTION: Hi thanx for your reply I have found a few of these in the last couple of weeks and they all talk about budgets and other constraints what if there was no maximum budget with world wide co-operation in science fiction which a lot of our currant tech has its roots (star trek communicator-mobile phone)they have vehicles that take off like a plane and go into orbit then beyond is this currently possible if I Google the closest I find is space ship one this is close but it uses a solid booster so it feels a bit primitive.



search "Interplanetary spaceflight" and you will find hours of material to explore. The most likely propulsion method for next large missions will be by "ion thruster". <code><code>

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