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I have already read Michael Collins' book on his Gemini and Apollo missions. I have also read Eugene Cernan's book on his own Gemini and Apollo missions. I thought both were quite good, myself. Are there any better books out there by members of the US or Soviet  space programs? Also, I was wondering if any of  Werner Von Braun's books on spaceflight are worth reading? Lastly, are there any decent  hard-science books available on the future of spaceflight?
Thanks, Geoff

am not a great book reader, rather a film fanatic.
I noticed the hundreds of books in the shops at NASA in Houston and Cape Canaveral if you ever get there. The Deutsche Museum in Munich has a great collection on offer too.

I do not expect scientists like Werner von Braun to be a good authors.

The best rocket book I ever read was "Space" by Michener

Best Astronaut books >>>

more astronaut books >>>

Amazon offers about 800 books on technical space travel themes. The books are rated, reviewed and graded. >>>

....and for German speaking Austrians >>>

....recomended  "Packing for Mars" >>>


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