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I have been examining these images since they were first posted by NASA. I have slowly begun to realise that these images are incorrect. Deeper analysis of the photographic structure of Curiosity (and previous Spirit and Opportunity)image shows EXTENSIVE image manipulation, obscuring of photographic detail and graphic manipulation. So much so that the 'face image' presented in the photographs is completely false. There is no image detail in the false photographic composition of Mt Sharp. The mountain is simply a flat yellow with NO detail of the features on the mountain. Why are you not asking NASA what they are hiding???

NASA 3D Mars image
NASA 3D Mars image  

NASA will not get funding if it is caught cheating. It is not "hiding" anything. Since there is no atmosphere on Mars the cameras have difficulty in adjusting the contrast between the black night sky and the glistening white-red surface. ALL images are adjusted digitally for contrast to optimise detail. Like with photographs from the Moon, you will not see stars because the lighting must be reduced drastically to avoid glare. The surface of the Moon and Mars are simply too bright!

There are hundreds of detailed images of Mt.Sharp, not only the one you see. There are also 3D images that would take months to create in the lab!

There are tens of thousands of different images sent from Mars. Not only NASA receives the images. If you have the right equipment you can pick up signals from the Rovers yourself, coming from Mars, not from Houston! I can understand your point though, some do not believe man is capable of travelling that far  but neither did Europeans believe that Columbus reached the Caribbean unless they saw personnaly what the brought back. Some do not believe that Jesus or Mohammed existed. It is natural for man to distrust and be weary since man cheats himself since the days of Adam and Eve.

A few High Resolution Images:,islt:4mp&sa=X&ei=hSaHU9XKBcr_4QSqtoHICw&ved=0CB4QpwU&dpr=1&biw=1600&bih=985

Oooops: sorry, my error: Mars has a thin atmosphere of carbon-dioxide. That is why the sky is NOT black in the images. RRG

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