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I am writing a science fiction story and script for a comic book I will draw in the future.  In this I tell a story of man traveling across space and gets trapped in another galaxy on another planet.  I was hoping you could give me some information about space in general.  And also maybe links to where I can read up more about.  I want to know about black holes, different dimensions, theories, traveling at speeds of light, galaxies, planets, it's hard to describe exactly, but I want to know about space.   It's just I need more in depth resources, also any information about this stuff would help a lot so I can keep it as factual as possible or at least follow certain laws when I do it.  I have studied biology and chemistry, but not too much about space other than the basics you know.  Thank you for whatever you can do.

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Space art  
Hi there,
the great thing about writing stories set in the future or in other solar systems is that anything is possible! Let you mind wander, artists usually smoke stuff to get going but this is NOT generally considered as good advice...

I think Carl Sagan presented the best ever explanation of things in space in his series "Cosmos" even though I dont like the atheist. I am sure this is easy to find, it is also on YouTube at

Patrick Moore taught me astronomy as a child on local TV (BBC).

The newest hero in this field is Niel deGrasse Tyson.

Here are some good educational videos too:

Watching some space movies like the Star Wars trilogies will help a lot.

Check out space art at

Look what hobby artists are doing


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