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Hi Kenneth:
I live in Bartow, Florida (33830). My porch apartment is facing North-West at about 30° left of true North. Each morning, at this time of the year,about 6:00 AM I go to the laundry window (looking exactly 90° east from the front porch, and see very bright a star, planet or asteroid (I do not know what is it) . It is always at about 60°to 70° to the right of true North and about 30°up from the horizontal. It stays brilliant up to about starting day-light. Is steady.
Could you tell me all about this magnificent event.

Thanks in advance.
Walter Rodriguez

Hi, Walter, thanks for writing.  If it is in the same place every year, it would have to be a star, possibly Sirius (the brightest star in the sky, exceeded only by a planet, the moon or  the sun in brightness).  At this time, Sirius is about 15 degrees up, and a bit south of east in Florida.  Hope this helps!  Write anytime.

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