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I am writing a science fiction story and script for a comic book I will draw in the future.  In this I tell a story of man traveling across space and gets trapped in another galaxy on another planet.  I was hoping you could give me some information about space in general.  And also maybe links to where I can read up more about.  I want to know about black holes, different dimensions, theories, traveling at speeds of light, galaxies, planets, it's hard to describe exactly, but I want to know about space.   It's just I need more in depth resources, also any information about this stuff would help a lot so I can keep it as factual as possible or at least follow certain laws when I do it.  I have studied biology and chemistry, but not too much about space other than the basics you know.  Thank you for whatever you can do.

Hi, Matthew-thanks for writing. Since you are wanting an overall knowledge of astronomy, I would suggest reading a college text on astronomy to get the basics.  I would use google or another search engine to see what you may need to know about a specific area, such as dimensions, relativistic travel (near light speed.  Light speed is itself, by Einstein's theory, impossible to reach, although worm holes may some day give us a way to move to a different part of the universe, without the travel involved), planets, etc.  Check out the search engine at for space travel and astronomy information, for facts on individual subjects, etc.  Sorry to not give information on astronomy here, but unless a specific question is asked, this answer would be book length, rather than a web answer.  I would also be glad to look at any text you have written or plan to write, and check it for scientific accuracy, or answer any specific questions you need answers to.  My email is  Keep in mind you may want to write about the fantastic--what is possible, not disproven, but not proven yet, such as wormholes, extraterrestrial life, and other theories--things scientifically possible, but not discovered yet.  Hope this helps some-write anytime.
General texts online:,,, A collection of astronomy facts:,

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