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QUESTION: Good evening ,I apologize for my English but I am writing from Italy.
I would like to take advantage of your experience on gravity to ask you a question if possible.

fWe know probably the time , out of a galaxy or galactic clusters gravitation , is faster due to the greater gravitational potential. We also know that gravity while having little force acts at a distance theoretically infinite. Among the areas of these enormous masses and the deep space will exist a temporal gradient theoretically infinite...Right?
I wonder: can the galaxies or galaxy clusters affect the time - even if minimally - in very distant areas (Mpc and more)?
Thank you very much

dead-end black-holes
dead-end black-holes  

I am Newtonian thinker and represent the classic astrophysicists I doubt very much most of the modern theories about time and gravity, most are obsurd and fiction. To me time and space are fixed entities and gravity is a variable. The idea of time-space being warped or that worm-holes connect black-holes is all myth.

A clock or person will move or age faster at a greater speed because the component atoms become smaller. As material reaches the speed of light it is pressed into almost zero space exiting the electrons and making the material believe time is faster. There is a speed limit that electrons can move within an atom and that is the speed of light when they exit the atom as photos.

Further, after an atom has lost the electrons, and the pressure around an neutron is at its limit (like in a black-hole) it releases thachyons (bosons) at far beyound the speed of light. It is this radiation of tachyons that cause gravity when striking matter again.

This way matter and energy are converted constantly and time is the same everywhere in the univese. When light travels past a mass causing an optical effect, it is the path that is bent in space because the photons are also effected by gravity, NOT because time or space are warped!

Gravity is thus a pushing force not an attraction. Knowing this and accepting this fact, ALL remaining mysteries in the universe are solved. It is naive to believe that two stars on either side of the universe are attracted to each other. This is why Einstein died a very confused and unsatisfied mathematician.

I will be writing a paper on this soon for my doctorate.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the quick answer and for the vision of gravity that made me know what I had never thought of. Also I think the worm-holes are beautiful inventions, but there is a passage that is unclear to me.

I was wondering: experienced the effect of the time ( if it's the time )  that it expands with great speed motions lasts even for constant speeds, while if I'm not mistaken the effect on pressing and excitation of atoms can take place until there is an acceleration that gives some g.
What would continue to give pressing to the atoms when the speed becomes constant? Thanks again

the pressure that reduces the mass of material at higher speed comes from the friction with solar and galactical and my proposed universal wind.

That with "wormholes" is pure fiction to me and NOT a discovery but a certainly not an invention. IT IS A PRODUCT OF FANTACY AND IS ILLOGICAL: ONE CAN CHEET TIME BY TRAVELLING FAST AND getting ahead before others but NEVER travel back in time. Since the universe is expanding it is impossible to go back in time and find oneself in the same place. Science fiction freeks do not realise that everything changes position very fast and constantly. The Earth, our Solar system is a fast travelling spaceship itself! The galaxy, at our location, is swirling at thundred thousands of kilometers per hour.


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