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The solar system is an amazing thing, but as we our exploring it, we are leaving behind space junk. What do you think we need to do to reduce space junk, but keep exploring the solar system at the same time.

Wikimedia Space.Debris
Wikimedia Space.Debris  
Hi Joe,
Space Junk is becoming a serious problem. There is also natural dust and meteors that circle the globe or pass nearby. Most junk will eventually de-orbit and appear as fiery meteorites. There is natural debris orbiting moons and other planets but compared to man-made-debris, very little.

The larger parts are tracked by NASA and others and collision avoided if pre-determined by altering the orbit height of the doomed satellite, space-station or space-craft (if possible). Direct hits do happen rarely.

I would like to see a large net of jelly or rubber launched into space to act like a lawnmower that slowly collects the debris. Another solution is to disperse tons of water into the thermosphere to slow down debris so that they fall to earth. Changing direction in space for a craft needs a lot of fuel so collecting the junk individually is not a solution. I really wish there was a method to collect these mainly metal parts and use the material on a space-station to build inter-planetary space-ships.


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