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Do you know if they make a good machine or press for mashing up avocados for guacamole? Blender doesn't work and pressing down with fork either bends the fork or fires the chunk of avocado off the plate. There must be an easier way?

There is an easier way.  Wait until the avocado is RIPE and it will be soft and taste a LOT better! You can tell when an avocado is ripe because it will be soft and start to pull away from the skin. A ripe avocado will be about as soft as a ripe banana and very easy to mash with a fork.  Personally I use a pastry blender to make my guacamole but the key is definitely to wait until its ripe--an unripe avocado is hard as a rock and tastes awful!
You can purchase a pastry blender/cutter just about anywhere.

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