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I am just wondering if the flatbread they have at Taco Bell is an authentic Mexican flatbread or closer to a Greek type bread? I would like to buy it but can't find it.

Nothing made at Taco Bell is authentic Mexican anything, but it's still cheap and tasty just the same!

What they have is a custom made product that is manufactured to TB's specs in commissaries all over America because consistency--like at McDs is what they HAVE TO HAVE. TB and McD taste EXACTLY the same all over the world in large part due to the strict quality and ingredient controls.

You cannot buy it in a store, but I would be very surprised if you discreetly went to the manager and politely asked if you could buy a package of flatbreads and they refuse. It might take a few minutes to figure out a price but if you are polite, you should walk out with a bag of flatbreads!  If you don't get your flatbreads at the first TB, try another--and I promise sooner or later you'll get what you want--and take his/her card and thank him/her. You might want more flatbreads in the future.

I've bought all kinds of things from restaurants in this manner, the thing I buy the most? A quart of veal stock from the French restaurant down the road, it's amazing for sauces and then I don't have to make 20 gallons of it. You can buy just about anything from anywhere if you are nice about it.

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