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I am a fifth grader and I'm having a hard time in Spanish. I am really trying to get good at Spanish but the words just don't stick in my head. Do you know any good way of studying so I can get good at Spanish?

I'm going to assume you are studying Spanish in school. Maybe you are having difficulty remembering everything you've heard or read.
First, try not to get too stressed about it. When you hear some Spanish, try to imitate the sounds you hear. If you are willing to try to speak without fear of making a mistake, then you are opening yourself up to learning and success. After all, no one learns without a few errors.
Second, take some of the words and phrases you are learning and use them in your everyday life. If you learn that "Tengo hambre." means "I'm hungry.", try to imagine that you are hungry when you say it. Then, the next time you're hungry, say "Tengo hambre." Try to replace as many words and phrases as you can with the Spanish word or phrase, so that you use what you know as much as possible.
Third, seek out more Spanish. If it is available to you, you may want to watch some TV in Spanish. I recommend just a few minutes at a time--maybe a commercial or two to begin.
Try to have fun with it. Make up silly sentences and stories. I hope this helps.

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