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I'm trying to teach my younger brother some basic Spanish, but I don't know a lot (can't afford a teacher/tutor). Really need this video translated into English, although translated into Spanish text would be fine, too. Will award best answer as soon as I see it!

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your question. Please see below the Spanish transcript and English translation:

Buenas tardes. Nuestra invitada de hoy es Cora Belén. Cora practica el ciclismo y compitió en la vuelta de Francia este año. Cora, bienvenida al programa.

Gracias Arturo.

Ahora trabajas en una escuela y enseñas clases de salud y deportes. ¿Tienes consejos para los chicos que quieren ser más saludables?

Sí Arturo. No hay que ser un deportista serio para estar saludable. Simplemente hay que hacer un poco de ejercicio todos los días como correr o caminar.

Y ¿es importante ser musculoso como yo?

No es necesario ser musculoso pero es bueno mantenerse en forma para no tener problemas de salud.

Good afternoon. Our guest today is Cora Belén. Cora is a cyclist and this year she competed in the Tour de France. Cora, welcome to the programme.

Thank you Arturo.

So now you work in a school and you teach health classes as well as P.E. Do you have any advice for boys and girls who want to become healthier?

Yes Arturo. You don´t have to be a serious sportstar to be healthy. You simply have to do a bit of exercise every day such as running or walking.

And is it important to be muscely like me?

It's not necessary but it is good to keep fit so that you don't have health problems.

Hope this helps,
Kind regards,

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