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Spanish Language/Basic Spanish Workbook?


I would like to learn Spanish on my own at home. I was looking at some kids work books that seemed suitable, but there are coloring pages, etc.
Can you recomend a book I can get on amazon that will give me the basic phrases for conversation? Thanks!

ANSWER: What level of proficiency are you at? Are you starting from scratch? Do you know some spansh at all?
Let me know...



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am starting from scratch thats why the childrens work books interested me (they are also cheap) something like that but at a bit higher level. Amazon has so many I dont know what to get.

OK... I will try to give you a few choices here...

I've used "Spanish for Dummies" in the past a lot, it is a comprehensive book with lots of useful information to learn the language. It is, in my estimate fairly easy to understand, although it may not be for a beginner without a tutor...

My second best choice, if you have a computer, and would prefer to have the online resources (my suggestion to you is that you go this route):  

(never used it before, but looks simple enough for a beginner.)  

(looks also like a good place to can get the printed version as well.)  

(16 lessons in 8 CDs.. probably a good choice if you want to hear the pronunciation of words phrases and sentences)

Hope this helps,
Let me know.


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