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Good mornming,  My question is as follows.  Why do I see for example. Yo lo se interpreted as I know when it appears Yo se would suffice?  To me there appears to be a redundancy in the utilization of pronouns in the spanish language.  Perhaps a simple answer but somenthing I missed along the way.

Thank in advance for your help

Dear David,

Thank you very much for your question.

There is in fact a very subtle difference between the use of 'no lo sé' and 'no sé' although many times, the two can indeed be interchangeable.

Typically, no lo sé is a standalone phrase. The 'lo' is a preposition meaning 'it' so commonly no lo sé will be a response to a previous piece of information. Rather than repeat the same piece of information again, we can just substitute it by the 'lo'.

For example:
¿Sabes a qué hora sale el tren?
No lo sé (a qué hora sale el tren)

If you were to use 'no sé' without the preposition, it would have to be followed by something else to make proper sense. Although it is being used more and more nowadays, it is typically grammatically incorrect to just say 'no sé' without following it with another piece of information.

For example:
¿Dónde está Juan?
No sé dónde está OR no lo sé BUT NOT no lo sé dónde está

Hope this helps,
Kind regards,

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